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Sydney Wedding Photography & Videography

At Rema Studio, our vision is to create timeless memories and capture the essence of every special moments on the couple's wedding day.


the sight of your partner's radiant smile as you exchange vows. Remember the emotions felt in that very instant. Countless of precious moments that deserve to be treasured forever. We can help you to remember your special day through our photography and cinematography.  


team memeber at Rema Studio shares the same vision and commitment to your special day. We prioritise the most important aspect - your enjoyment of the magical day, whilst capturing the essence through photos and films.   


on your wedding day is truly special and unique. We understand every couple is different and the team at Rema Studio are committed to help you to relive these cherished moments. 


remember to enjoy your magical day with your love ones. We believe the best photos and film are captured when you are relax, having fun and enjoying the presence of your love ones. 



Bring your memories to life with your wedding films that capture the essence of your special day and remember every moment, always. 


The perfect blend of professional and fun photography service. Our talented photographers capture images that are sure to help you remember every moment, always. 



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